Astronomy Camps in 2022
The dates for the year 2022 Astronomy Camps are as follows.

  • Limited openings are now available! If interested, please email Dr. McCarthy.

  • Click on the type of Camp for descriptive information about the traditional opportunity.
Astronomy Camp does not presume, or require, a background in astronomy. Each Camp is available to interested people from around the world and does not require a previous connection with The University of Arizona.

May 27-30 Adult Camp
pending Mt. Lemmon Observatory Operate 61" telescope; eyepiece viewing; solar & CCD Imaging
June 13-19 Beginning Teen wait list Mt. Lemmon Observatory Introductory coverage of astronomy, engineering, & physical science; operate 12, 24, 32-inch telescopes; observe with the 61" Kuiper telescope.
June 22-28 Advanced Teen wait list Mt. Lemmon Observatory Quantitative observing projects with 12, 24, 32-inch telescopes, 61-inch, radio telescopes.
Requires either Algebra II or Geometry.

Table updated on April 20, 2022.