Your gift to Astronomy Camp will inspire a younger generation to continue their education and to explore our Universe in new and exciting ways throughout their lives.
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Thank you for considering a donation to Astronomy Camp! Your gift will inspire a new generation of students and help them consider careers not only in Astronomy but also in related STEM fields, including business, computer science, education, engineering, health, etc. Many of Camp's alumni have benefitted from scholarships that your donation will support. Our young Campers are inspired just knowing that people like yourself are investing in their future.

Historically, donations like yours have funded scholarships (full or partial) to students in financial need and also have helped reduce logistical expenses so we can maintain both quality & attractiveness to low-income families. Our scholarship recipients will write you a personal Thank-you note after Camp.

You may donate in two ways:
1. Email the Camp Director (Dr. Don McCarthy) to discuss your preferences and to arrange payment.

2. Use a ticket from Eventbrite which transfers funds to an Astronomy Camp account at The University of Arizona.

Thanks in advance!