Quotes From Astronomy Campers and Families

Here are some sample quotes from former Campers:

    "We don't just look at stars, we observe them."

    "It is no understatement to say that attending Astronomy Camp changed my life."

    "You guys are encouraging us to think and explore vs memorize and regurgitate."

    "Without a doubt one of the most important transitions I experienced between childhood and adulthood took place at Astronomy Camp."

    "I'm now looking back at Camp from across 20 years, which is more than half a lifetime for me. The most meaningful thing about the two years I attended is that for the first time in my life, I was brought into contact with people who were as passionate as I was about the subject."

    "This Camp opens so many doors as you discover what it means to explore the Universe."

Here is a lot more feedback from our Campers and their families:

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