Register for the next Beginning Teen Astronomy Camp
The next Beginning Teen Astronomy Camp is scheduled for
June 13-19, 2024

Students should be between the ages of 13 and 15 years. Some exceptions are made in special circumstances by Dr. McCarthy, the Camp Director.

Reservations are limited to ~25 students. Before applying, families and students should study our COVID guidelines. Students are required to contact Dr. McCarthy before applying. Fully-completed applications will be accepted chronologically based on postmark, not on arrival date. So, expedited delivery (FedEx, UPS, etc.) is not necessary.

Astronomy Campers get a behind the scenes look at the Steward Observatory Mirror Lab.
Parents - Please Note!
Before Applying, you must agree to our COVID guidelines and carefully consider your transportation to and from Astronomy Camp. We require that students arrive in Tucson on the first day (June 13) of Camp before 2 pm Tucson time. On the last day (June 19), we will be driving two hours from a remote mountain site to Tucson, so students cannot depart on airline flights any earlier than 2:00 pm Tucson time. Limitations in airline schedules may make these arrangements difficult depending on your location. Although we can accommodate a few students arriving one day early and/or departing one day late, such arrangements are inconvenient and will necessitate additional cost to you.

Please email Dr. McCarthy, if you have travel concerns and questions.

Also, PLEASE NOTE the following:
  • The Camp's payment fee ($1700) will be due upon request and will include all expenses during the Camp session such as room, board, materials, and local travel.
  • Scholarships are available in case of financial need. A Scholarship Form is attached to the application form.
  • Travel arrangements must be confirmed with Dr. McCarthy no later than May 1.
  • Scholarship notification will made no later than March 11.
To Apply
In order to apply, first email Dr. McCarthy to confirm space is available and then mail the following four items in a single mailing to the address shown below. We will then send you follow-up information.
  1. Parents: Please study our COVID guidelines and the above admonition about travel to/from Tucson.
  2. The completed application form
  3. A handwritten, 500 word essay on "Why I Want to Attend Astronomy Camp," including a description of the kinds of celestial objects you hope to study at Camp
  4. The signed Agreement and Release forms.
Mail the above four items together to:

Dr. Don McCarthy
Beginning Astronomy Camp for Teens
Steward Observatory
933 N. Cherry Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85721-0065