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We are Proud of our Alumni!
Since 1988, we have enjoyed staying in contact with our alumni! Their accomplishments have been diverse, inspiring, and often quite surprising. We have helped them evolve from middle/high school students into adults and parents, even getting married to each other! Children of alumni have become Campers and begun serving as counselors.

To date, at least 100 of our alumni have earned advanced degrees in fields such as animal behavior, art history, astronomy, bioinformatics, biology, business, chemistry, Chinese studies, computer science, creative writing, dance, divinity, ecology, educational policy, engineering (many kinds!), forensic psychology, geoscience, human development, landscape architecture, law, library science, math, medicine, museum education, music, neurolinguistics, oceanography, optical science, paleontology, physical therapy, pharmacy, physics, planetary science, political science, public policy, speech and hearing science, etc.

They have become active in society, even serving in the U.S. Congress, the Texas Board of Regents, Department Heads, and as national leaders in their fields. In astronomy alone, our alums now work at more than 50 institutions worldwide including 30 universities/colleges, 12 national labs, 6 research observatories, Defense companies, and science education centers.

Although the sole emphasis of Astronomy Camp has been to support students on a personal level, our alumni have greatly benefitted The University of Arizona (UArizona), receiving "outstanding" awards for their research, teaching, and service and also becoming Officers in student clubs. About 70 Camp alumni have enrolled as undergraduate and graduate students. Others brought prestigious postdoctoral fellowships and have become our Astronomy faculty as well as valued members of the technical staffs at Steward Observatory, the Arizona Radio Observatories, the Gemini Observatories, the Multiple Mirror Telescope Observatory, Kitt Peak National Observatory, and Lowell Observatory.

Also, our alumni and their families have contributed millions of dollars to the University and enabled high-valued grants for research, infrastructure, and new initiatives.

Maps - Where Did They Come From?
ANSWER: All 50 U.S. states and 22 foreign countries. Select one of the maps below to see the distribution.

  • Teen Campers (1,920): US, US (lower 48), NS America, EurAsia, World

  • Adult Campers (903): US, World

  • Girl Scout Leaders (307): Our NASA education workshops for NIRCam/JWST

  • School Groups (10 schools; 603 students): US, SouthWest
  • Where Did They Go?

    If you know of any other news about former Campers and Counselors, please email Dr. McCarthy.