Alumni Currently Associated with The University of Arizona
Current Undergraduates
  • Andrea Acedo
  • Evan Brorby
  • Heerok Das
  • Severance Graham
  • Hanga Andras-Letanovszky
  • Owen Litz
  • Matthew Singer
  • Drishikaa Thimmaiah
  • To date: ~70 undergraduates

Current Graduate Students
  • Alex Carter (Optical Sciences)
  • To date: 5

Current Postdocs
  • Dr. Allison Towner
  • To date: 2

Current Professors
  • Dr. Ewan Douglas

Current Staff at Steward Observatory
  • Alex Carter
  • To date: 4

Current Staff at Other Arizona Observatories
(Telescope Operators, Engineers, Observers, Leaders)
  • Dr. Tim Bowers, Gil Esquardo, Amy Robertson
  • To date: 8

If you know of any other news about former Campers and Counselors, please email Dr. McCarthy.