Campers Who Graduated from The University of Arizona: Undergraduates
Three former Astronomy Camp undergraduates received most-distinguished awards from the College of Science: The overall Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award to Jordan Barrows (2017), Jenny Calahan (2018), and David Cantillo (2022).

Dr. Cathy Ai (2001 - Molecular & Cellular Biology): Graduated from the UCLA School of Dentistry in 2005. She completed a year of general dentistry residency and is currently a pediatric dental resident at University of Minnesota, expecting to finish that program in 2008.

Keith Baka (2022 - Astronomy): Now obtaining his Masters degree in Astrophysics at the University of Amsterdam.

Kayla Barnett (2011 - MBA; 2010 - Business, Accounting): Attended UA's Eller School of Management.

Dr. John Barentine (2000 - Physics): PhD (Astronomy), University of Texas - Austin, 2013. Now the Director of Public Policy at the International Dark Sky Association in Tucson. While working as a telescope operator for the Apache Point Observatory 3.5m telescope, John received his Masters degree in physics in July 2002 from Colorado State.

Noah Barker: Currently majoring in Near Eastern Studies and also working with the company Southwest trekking.

Jordan Barrows: (2017 - Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology): A graduate student in the Dept. of Biological Chemistry at Johns Hopkins University. Awarded the Most Outstanding Senior award (2017) from the College of Science at The University of Arizona.

Dr. Matt Berkman: Obtained his MD degree from the UofA is now an Emergency Medicine doctor.

Dr. Tim Bowers* (2002 - Physics, Science Education): Received a PhD (Astronomy) from the University of Colorado - Boulder. Previously, taught high school physics in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Jenny Calahan (2018 - Physics & Astronomy: Received a PhD (Astronomy) from the University of Michigan. Awarded the Most Outstanding Senior award (2018) from the College of Science at The University of Arizona.

David Cantillo: (2022 - Geosciences): Now in graduate school at The University of Arizona in Planetary Sciences. Awarded the Excellence in Research award (2022) from the College of Science at The University of Arizona.

Dr. Caitlin Casey (2007 - Physics & Astronomy): Now Associate Professor of Astronomy at the University of Texas - Austin. Winner of the Newton Lacy Pierce Prize (2018) from the American Astronomical Society. Received her PhD in astronomy from Cambridge and was awarded a prestigious Hubble Fellowship for research at the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii. Accepted a prestigious Gates-Cambridge Fellowship to pursue graduate study in cosmology at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge. She received a Goldwater Scholarship in 2006.

Mary (Comfort) Conner (1996 - Elementary Education): Received her Masters Degree in Educational Policies and Foundations of Administration from Portland State University. Married former Camper Steve Conner (UA 1997). Steve and Mary (UA 1996) have two beautiful daughters!

Steve Conner (1997 - Electrical & Computer Engineering): Technical Assistant to Intel's Chief Technology Officer in Portland, Oregon. Received his Masters Degree at The University of Arizona. Steve and Mary (UA 1996) have two beautiful daughters!

Matt Corradi (1994 - Fine Arts): Is a production technician in TV services at The University of Arizona.

Dr. Jason Dittmann (2010 - Astronomy & Physics): PhD (Astronomy & Astrophysics) Harvard University, 2017. Received one of the first prestigious "55 Pegasi b Postdoctoral Fellowships."

Jennifer Maynard (Dannemiller) (2001 - Science Education in Chemistry): Received her M.Div. (Master of Divinity), Regent University, 2012. Married former Camper Matt Maynard in 2004. She taught middle school math and science at the Accelerated Learning Laboratory in Tucson, Arizona.

Dr. Sidney Edsall (1996 - Microbiology; 2002 - MD): A Psychiatrist in San Francisco. Completed her psychiatry residency at Stanford Hospital.

Gil Esquerdo: A Research Assistant the the Planetary Science Institute and a staff observer at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory on Mt. Hopkins.

Tristan Fitzgerald (2009 - Classics): Completed all his training as a helicopter pilot in the US Air Force. He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the US Air Force via the ROTC program. During his undergraduate career, he was employed as jack-of-all-trades at the Mt. Lemmon Observatory.

Shelly Flores:

Dr. Cyndi (Gentry) Carr (1996 - Microbiology; 2002 - PhD in Neuroscience): Now working at Ventana Medical Systems (Tucson) in the area of early diagnosis of cancer. She was the Staff Scientist and Medical Writer for CEDRA Clinical Research in Austin, Texas.

Leisa (Glennie) Litz (1996 - Physics & Astronomy): Graduated from The University of Arizona in 1996 with a BS in Physics and Astronomy and earned her teaching certificate for High School Physics in 1998. She moved to Phoenix in 1998 and worked for 8 years as a semiconductor engineer at ASML. She married Brian in 2001, and they now live in Tucson with their two young boys.

Mindee Hall: (2004)

Morgan Harlan: (2018 - Optical Engineering with minors in Astronomy and German)

Lindsay Hawkins: (2012 - Mathematics)

Erika Hendrickson (1998 - English): Now in graduate school in Creative Writing.

Carrie Ikeda: (1997 - Geosciences):

Dr. Sarah Jaeggli (2005 - Physics & Astronomy): An Instrument Scientist at the National Solar Observatory with the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope (DKIST). Received her PhD in astronomy from the University of Hawaii in 2011, specializing in solar astronomy and instrumentation. Her thesis research about magnetic effects in sunspots earned her the 2012 AURA Science award. Elected to Phi Beta Kappa.

Diana (Johnson) Coppenbarger (1992 - Physics & Astronomy): Received her Masters in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Rochester. She now works as Lead Programmer/Analyst and is the only woman Shot Director at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics in Rochester, NY. She and husband Matt have three wonderful children, one of whom is almost ready for Astronomy Camp!

Olivia Jones (2023 - Astronomy): A graduate student in Astronomy at the University of Iowa.

Dustin Keys: (2012 - Mathematics and Physics): He has been doing research in solar physics.

Ariane Lee (2003 - Physics & Astronomy): Now lives in Anchorage, Alaska and works at a local software development company as a programmer/web developer. Since moving to Alaska, she has spent a lot of time hiking and enjoying the outdoors and the long summer days. She served in the Peace Corps for two years and taught computers in The Gambia, West Africa. She also worked in Chicago for a non-profit tutor/mentor program for inner-city kids and served as the eLearning and Technology Coordinator.

Dr. Chris Limbach (2009 - Engineering Physics & Astronomy): An Assistant Professor in Aerospace Engineering at the Universoty of Michigan. Received his PhD (2015) in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University with a focus on applications of plasma physics to hypersonic and space propulsion. He was awarded the Astronomy Department's Outstanding Senior award. Winner of the 2005 National Young Astronomer Award and a National Merit Finalist.

Andy Lowe* (2000 - Computer Science): Works at Embedded Systems in Tucson.

Dr. Tina Bronson-Lowe* (1997 - Linguistics & French Literature; MS in 2001 - Speech and Hearing Sciences): Attended the University of Arizona on a Flinn scholarship. She worked as a speech-language pathologist in hospitals, nursing homes, rehab and home health settings in Yuma and the Phoenix area for six years and started her PhD in Speech and Hearing Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2008. She helps teach a master's-level dysphagia (swallowing disorders) course and insists that my students work on problem-solving and scientific thinking skills to become better clinicians!

Matt Maynard (2000 - Computer Science): Married former Camper Jennifer Dannemiller in 2004. Now living in Virginia, Matt is writing financial software for Fresh Brewed Media. For a while after graduation, he worked as a Computer Software Specialist at Photon Engineering in Tucson, Arizona.

Clinton Mielke: (2007 - Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics)

Katie Moore (2005 - Mathematics, Astronomy): Is a science educator and coordinator of the Public Observatory at the National Air and Space Museum. She finished her Masters degree in Museum Education at George Washington University in August 2007, and had been working as Planetarium Outreach Educator at the South Florida Science Museum.

Melissa (Eichman) Nilsson (Elementary Education): Attended the Astronomy Camps during the summers of 1992 and 1993. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education. She is married to Daniel Nilsson and has no children. She is currently working as a fourth grade teacher at the Academy of Math & Science, a charter school in central Tucson. She has also began her graduate work to pursue a Masters in Education.

Kelsey (Norton) Stuart (2011; Physics): She held a prestigious Galileo Circle Scholarship, was a leader of Residence Advisors, and remains active in Air Force.

Sarah O'Brien (1997 - Physics & Astronomy): Is the Astronomy Research Lab Director at Thomas Jefferson Hogh School for Science and Technology. Graduated from The University of Arizona cum laude. She worked for a DOD company in Tucson for several years after graduation. Currently she works as a Senior Software Engineer in Seattle, WA for a company specializing in metrology equipment. She's married with two children and two cats. In addition to teaching her children about science and mathematics, she also teaches them about eating organically grown food and being conscious of the environment.

Dr. Emily Olson (2006 - Anthropology & Classics): Graduated from The University of Arizona summa cum laude and with Honors. Obtained her Master's degree in Art History and Archaeology from Washington University in St. Louis (2009) and her PhD (Art History with a focus in Classical Art and Archaeology), Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2013)

Maria Orejita Pena: Received her PhD in Astronomy from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM)

Hannah Peacock:

Dr. Diana Perry (2004 - Chemical Engineering): recevied her Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree (2017) from Western University of Health Sciences.

Steven Peugh (2010 - Systems Engineering): A tremendous road biker! As an upperclassman, he studied in Bratislava, Slovakia through an independent exchange program in the engineering department. He was fortunate enough to bring his bicycle and, before school started, rode for six weeks around Austria and the Czech republic.

Hannah Pierce Carlson:

Amy Robertson: (2012 - Physics and Astronomy): Now a telescope operator at Kitt Peak National Observatory

Jeremy Royall (2001 - Electrical Engineering)

Gail (Schneller) Proudfoot (1997 - Physics & Astronomy)

Rhiannon Scott (2008 - Optical Engineering)

Dr. Shawna Shaked (2002 - Physics and Astronomy; Math): Served as President of the University Astronomy Club. Recived her PhD in Applied Physics from the University of Michigan and Masters of Art in Teaching from Ithaca College. She is a leader at UCLA in the use of evidence-based teaching techniques, particularly those that aid in the retention of underrepresented groups. She has also pioneered a range of interdisciplinary teaching collaborations with faculty across the UCLA Physical and Life Sciences.

Ariel Shaver: (2022 - Systems Engineering): Now earming her Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Robert Shely (2015 - Management Information Systems and Astronomy minor) Received his MBA, University of Maryland, 2019.

Scott Sims: (1997 - Computer Science)

Chris Sinclair: Graduated with a degree in Mathematics.

Dr. Brianna Smart: (2012 - Physics and Astronomy): Received her PhD (Astronomy), The University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2020

David Stevenson:

Amy Tempkin (2001 - MD):

Dr. Allison Towner: (2012 - Physics & Astronomy): Earned her PhD in Astronomy (2020) from the University of Virginia.

Dr. Jake Turner: (2011: Physics & Astronomy): Received his PhD in Astronomy (2018) from the University of Virginia.

Mark Vitale (1996 - Microbiology; 1998 - MBA): Earned his PhD in Organizational Management & Leadership from Capella University in 2008, and is currently the Director of Academic Affairs for the University of Phoenix Southern Arizona campus managing all faculty, and academic/instructional quality, for programs in Tucson, Sierra Vista, Nogales and Yuma. He is also a full-time faculty member for the University's School of Business, as well as a curriculum reviewer and subject matter expert for the University's marketing programs (graduate and undergraduate programs). Mark also earned his private pilot's license in 2009 and has about 100 hours of flight time logged.

Christina Vitale (2002 - History with music minor): Works in energy law at a firm in Washington, D.C. She graduated magna cum laude from The University of Arizona and received her Juris Doctor degree from American University's Washington College of Law in May 2005.

Dr. Michael Weinand: (2012 - Physiological Sciences): Earned his PhD in Physical Therapy (2016) from Northern Arizona University.

Brenda Wilden (1998 - Physics & Astronomy): Attended graduate school in astronomy at Santa Cruz.

Jennifer Wyatt (2007 - Lingustics): Now entering a PhD program in Linguistics at UC Santa Cruz.

* Flinn Scholar
Campers Who Graduated from The University of Arizona: Graduate Students
Dr. Silvana Ayala (2018 - PhD, in ECE; MS, in Optical Science) and (2016, MS in ECE): is Researcher at the National Renewal Energy Laboratory.

Dr. James Keane (2017 - PhD, Planetary Sciences): is a Scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He was a postdoctoral fellow in planetary geophysics at Caltech.

Dr. John Moustakas (2006 - PhD, Astronomy): Now a Professor of Astronomy at Siena College. He was a Postdoctoral Scholar at San Diego State University and at NYU. Also, a "Y2K" graduate from Berkeley.

Dr. Ben Oppenheimer (2008 - PhD, Astronomy): A CASA Fellow at the University of Colorado - Boulder. A 1999 graduate from Harvard University. He has also researched star formation regions and brown dwarfs.

Dr. Samantha Scibelli (2023 - PhD, Astronomy): Now a Jansky Fellow at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) in Charlottesville, VA.

Dr. Molly Simon (2019 - PhD, Planetary Sciences): Now an Assistamt Professor at Arizona State University.

Dr. Matthew Whitehouse: (2013 - MDA, Organ and Composition) Now the Observatory Manager at South Carolina State Museum Astronomy. Matthew has appeared in recitals throughout the United States. His compositions have been performed in the United States and Europe. One of his major artistic interests is exploring connections between music and astronomy, an interest frequently reflected in his work as a composer and performer. He received his Masters degree (2007) in Organ Performance from the UofA.

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