Former Adult Campers Awarded PhD Degrees
Marsha Wolf: PhD (Astronomy), University of Texas - Austin, 2005
Former Teen Campers Awarded PhD Degrees
Cathy Ai: (Dental School), UCLA, 2005

John Barentine: PhD (Astronomy), University of Texas - Austin, 2013; MS (Physics) Colorado State University, 2002

Brad Barlow: PhD (Astrophysics), University of North Carolina, 2011

Matt Berkman: MD FACEP, The University of Arizona, ~2003

Laura Boon: PhD (Accelerator Physics), Purdue, 2014

Tim Bowers: PhD (Astronomy), University of Colorado - Boulder, 2014

Caitlin Casey: PhD (Astronomy), Cambridge, 2010

Sidney Edsall: MD, The University of Arizona

Deborah (McCarthy) Fields: PhD (Education), UCLA, 2010; MS (Education) Univ. Wisconsin, 2002

Becky Fox: PhD (Animal Behavior), UC Davis, 2007; MS (Avian Studies) UC Davis, 2002

Cyndi (Gentry) Carr: PhD (Neuroscience), The University of Arizona, 2006

Sarah Jaeggli: PhD (Astronomy), University of Hawaii, 2011

Patrick Kelly: PhD (Astronomy), Stanford, 2012

Charlie Lawton: PhD (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology), University of Colorado, 2010

Joanna Levine: PhD (Astronomy), University of Florida, 2006

Chris Martin, PhD (Chemical & Materials Engineering), Princeton, 2005; MSCEP (Chemical Engineering), MIT, 1999

Clinton Mielke, PhD (Biomathematics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology) Biodesign Institute / Mayo Clinic, 2013

Max Moe: PhD (Astronomy), Harvard, 2015

Tim Mosca: PhD (Neurobiology), Harvard, 2009; MS (Molecular & Cellular Biology), Yale, 2003

John Moustakas: PhD (Astronomy), The University of Arizona, 2006

Emily Olson: PhD (Art History with a focus is Classical Art and Archaeology), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2013; M.A. (Art History and Archaeology), Washington University in St. Louis, 2009

Ben Oppenheimer: PhD (Astronomy), The University of Arizona, 2008

Maria Pena: PhD (Astronomy), Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), 2011

Henry Roe: PhD (Astronomy), UC Berkeley, 2003

Rob Simcoe: PhD (Astronomy), Caltech, 2003

Amy Tempkin: MD, The University of Arizona, 2001

Christina Vitale: JD, American University's Washington College of Law, 2005

Mark Vitale: PhD (Organizational Management & Leadership), Capella University, 2008; MBA, The University of Arizona, 1998

Matthew Whitehouse: DMA (Musical Arts) in Organ & Composition, The University of Arizona, 2012

Emily Wisnioski: PhD (Astronomy), Swinburne University of Technology, 2012

Former Teen Campers Awarded Masters Degrees
Silvana Ayala: MA (Creative Writing), University of Texas El Paso, 2010

Kayla Barnett: MBA (Accounting), The University of Arizona's Eller School of Management, 2011

Becky Bertsch: MS (Aerospace Engineering), Texas A&M, 2010

AJ Carver: MS (Quantitative Economics), Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, 2009

Yvette Cendes: MS (Physics), Case Western Reserve University, 2010

Amber Chesborough: MBA, MSME (Mechanical Engineering), MIT

Mary (Comfort) Conner: MEd (Educational Policies & Foundations of Administration), Portland State University

Steve Conner: MS (Computer Science), The University of Arizona, 1998

Nathan Eck: M.Sc. (Geology), University of Nevada-Las Vegas, 2010

Stevi Fawcett: MS (Astronomy), University of Wyoming, 2007

Ariel Fisher: MS (Landscape Architecture), The University of Arizona

Lucia Galvan: MB (Management), Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, 2008

Jessica (Hejnal) Bentele: MA (Library Science), University of Missouri, 2010

Diana (Johnson) Coppenbarger: MS (Astronomy & Physics), University of Rochester, 1995

Christina Bronson-Lowe: MS (Speech & Hearing Sciences), The University of Arizona, 2001

David McCarthy: MBA (Accounting), The University of Arizona, 2005; MA (Classical Archaeology) Wheaton College, 2002

Nicole Miklus: MS (Paleontology and Paleoclimate), Syracuse University, 2006

Kurtz Miller: M.Ed. (Educational Leadership) Wright State University, 2008; MS (Geology), 2004; MS (Science Teaching) Wright State University

Elan Mitchell: M.A. (Political Science; International Relations), Howard University, 2011

Katie Moore: M.A.T. (Museum Education), George Washington University, 2007

Dan Murphy MA (Chinese Studies), University of Massachusetts, 2006; Graduate certificate in Chinese Studies (Johns Hopkins- Nanjing University), 2007

Josh Neubert: MS (Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Science), MIT, 2003

Jason Rudd: M.Sc. (Neurolinguistics) Universities of Potsdam (Germany) and Groningen (The Netherlands), 2006

Elizabeth Waterhouse: MFA (Dance), Ohio State University

Brenda Wilden: MS (Astrophysics), UC Santa Cruz, 2001
Former Teen Campers Pursuing Advanced Degrees
Becky Bertsch: PhD (Aerospace Engineering), Texas A&M; MS (Aerospace Engineering), Texas A&M, 2010

Christina Bronson-Lowe: PhD, Univ. Chicago; MS (Speech & Hearing Sciences), The University of Arizona, 2001

Nora (Byars) Phillips: PhD (Human Development & Family Studies), Texas Tech University; M. Ed. (Education) Wayland Baptist University, 2009

Yvette Cendes: PhD (Astronomy), the University of Amsterdam; MS (Physics) Case Western Reserve University, 2010

Rebecca Dell: PhD (Physical Oceanography), MIT

Jason Dittmann: PhD (Astronomy), Harvard

Ewan Douglas: PhD (Astronomy), Boston University

Jill Fadal: MD Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Rebecca Jensen-Clem: PhD (Astronomy), Caltech

Marshall Johnson: PhD (Astronomy), University of Texas - Austin

James Keane: PhD (Planetary Science), The University of Arizona

Lindsey Kennard: PhD (Computer Science, Northeastern University

Chris Limbach: PhD (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering), Princeton

Christina Bronson-Lowe: PhD (Speech & Hearing Sciences), University of Illinois; MS (Speech & Hearing Sciences), The University of Arizona, 2001

Mary Milewski: PhD (Pharmacy), University of Mississippi

Elan Mitchell: PhD (Political Science/ International Relations), Howard University

Patrick Newman: Masters (Physics), Missouri State

Kristina Nyland: PhD (Astrophysics), New Mexico Tech

Nick Pattengale: PhD (Bioinformatics), UC San Diego; Ms (Computer Science), University of New Mexico

Emily Petroff: PhD (Astrophysics), Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia

Lauren Rich: PhD (Optical Science), The University of Central Florida

Molly Simon: PhD (Planetary Science), The University of Arizona

Brianna Smart: PhD (Astronomy), University of Indiana

Nancy Thomas: PhD (Planetary Science), Caltech

Allison Towner: PhD (Astronomy), University of Virginia

Jake Turner: PhD (Astronomy), University of Virginia

Vera te Velde: PhD (Economics), University of California, Berkeley

Sean Wahl: PhD (Geophysics/Planetary Science), University of California, Berkeley

Kristina Yancey: Masters (Nuclear Engineering), Texas A&M

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