Quotes From Advanced Teen Astronomy Campers and Families

    "We don't just look at stars, we observe them."
    (Advanced Teen Camper, 2018)

    "This year we are both freshmen at Barnard College in New York City. Although we never met during Camp, over the past summer we discovered our shared experience at Kitt Peak, and have since become friends.... Astronomy Camp has not only been a source of joy in our lives (we share Camp stories all the time!), but has inspired us to reach for the stars."
    (two former Campers from 2017)

    "Thank you so much for bringing wonderful sessions to my son, other students, and family. I also enjoyed lectures, observations, next to my son. It is the best virtual camp ever."
    (Parent of Teen Camper during our Zoom-based Advanced Camp in 2021)

    "My words of encouragement: 'Make the most of every hour because you will look back on this week the rest of your life! And remember, you can sleep after Camp is over!' "
    (Advanced Teen Camper, 1995)

    "Without a doubt one of the most important transitions I experienced between childhood and adulthood took place at Astronomy Camp. At my age, having just finished 7th grade, the experience of being treated as a fully competent adult/undergraduate was simply astounding.... the freedom to explore and design our own research projects, as well as assist graduate students with theirs, was truly life-changing."
    (Beginning/Advanced Teen Camper, 2004-2005)

    "Camp helped me clarify my direction and I met my best friend and husband at Camp. I realize that probably won't happen, but mention it because the opportunity exists to learn much, and form relationships that will last a lifetime."
    (Advanced Teen Camper, 1994)

    "I'm now looking back at Camp from across 20 years, which is more than half a lifetime for me. The most meaningful thing about the two years I attended is that for the first time in my life, I was brought into contact with people who were as passionate as I was about the subject."
    (Advanced Teen Camper, 1992-1993)

    "Astronomy Camp is a surreal experience, shaped by the immensely beautiful environment you will be in."
    (Advanced Teen Camper, 2009)

    "I guess it's a good time to leave; if it weren't, it would mean that we hadn't thoroughly enjoyed our time there.... I think it's pretty safe to say that I would not be who or where I am today without Camp.... I guess what I'm trying to say is that Camp has been the best and most memorable and valuable time of my life. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity."
    (Advanced Camper 2004)

    "There's only three days left at Camp and no one at home understands me."
    (Advanced Camper, ATC 2011)

    "This camp even sparked my interest in astronomy so much, that I am even considering it as a career along with dermatology."
    (Beginning Teen Camper 2005; later attended two Advanced Camps; became a staff member; and received her PhD in astronomy from Caltech)

    "We're really not exaggerating when we say astronomy camp is a "life-changing experience." You get to spend a week under some of the best observing skies in the country, using research-grade telescopes; all the while interacting with people who like astronomy and science as much as you do. Without astronomy camp I wouldn't have met some great people (one of whom is now my best friend). I also wouldn't have been presented with a wonderful job opportunity to work side by side with one of my former camp counselors as an astronomy educator at the Smithsonian. So this week: take chances, pick the brains of your peers and counselors, and have fun!"
    (Advanced Teen Camper, 2003-2004)

    Astronomy Camp is a unique place.... It is a place of constant activity, especially when the Sun is down, but also of quiet contemplation and earnest conversation."
    (Advanced Camper, 1991)

    "This Camp opens so many doors as you discover what it means to explore the Universe."
    (Beginning/Advanced Teen Camper, 2007-2009)

    "I know firsthand about the positive impact the camp has had on (my son's) young life. His first year came at such an critical period of his life. ... As it turned out, Astronomy Camp was the turning point in (his) life. He made so many lifelong friends and I am so proud of his accomplishments! As a result of his positive experience at your astronomy camp, (he) set himself a goal his Sophomore year of high school and with a few adjustments along the way, achieved his goal to procure a pilot seat in the Air Force via University of Arizona’s ROTC. ... Thank you so much!"
    (parent of a Beginning & Advanced Camper, 2002-2005)

    "I simply can't thank you enough for the opportunity you gave my son, Alex ..., this past week.  Alex has been talking non-stop about everything he did, and learned, and he was positively heartbroken last night that it only lasted 8 days.  We're probably going to drive up to Kitt Peak today because he wants me to see where he's been.  It was such an exceptional thing to be able to do at this age. THANK YOU!!!  ... I'm stunned by how much has been injected into Alex's brain in so short a period of time.  Please extend my warmest thanks to everyone on your staff.  You really run an amazing program. Very best wishes."
    (parent of Advanced Teen Camper, June, 2012)

    "Dear Don, This is a kind reminder that "it is illegal to 'take' [This means to harass, harm, pursue, hurt, harm, shoot, wound, kill, trap, capture, or collect, or to attempt to engage in any such conduct] individuals of" the red squirrel species. Greetings from the nut house!"
    (Four Advanced Teen Campers in a greeting card with a squirrel picture on front, June 2004)

    "Oh how I miss naked-eye views of the Milky Way! In my three years at Astronomy Camp, I've learned so much and leave with increasing desire to go back. It's really a magical experience - the late nights and moths are just part of it."
    (Advanced Camper, 2021)