Quotes From Beginning Teen Astronomy Campers and Families

    " ... my daughter attended the 'Beginning Teen' Astronomy Camp in June and I wanted to say thank you and to let you to know how much she enjoyed the program. (She) had so much fun that she literally was sobbing for hours on the evening that Camp ended because she didn't want to leave. Your team did a wonderful job and the program you produced exceeded our expectations."
    (parent of Beginning Teen Camper, 2023)

    "Thank you for running Astronomy Camp this year! I loved talking all things astronomy and meeting people with similar interests! Staying up late using the telescope (and making lots of puns) was fun, too. Although we weren't in person, it was still an unforgettable experience!"
    (Teen Camper during our Zoom-based Beginning Camp in 2021)

    "I just wanted to let you know how much she enjoyed Astronomy Camp. She was on an intellectual high when we picked her up from the airport. It lasted for weeks! [She] has put Advanced Astronomy Camp as the number 1 item on next summer's plans. Everything else must fit around it.
    (parent of Beginning Teen Camper, 2002)

    "Without a doubt one of the most important transitions I experienced between childhood and adulthood took place at Astronomy Camp. At my age, having just finished 7th grade, the experience of being treated as a fully competent adult/undergraduate was simply astounding.... the freedom to explore and design our own research projects, as well as assist graduate students with theirs, was truly life-changing."
    (Beginning/Advanced Teen Camper, 2004-2005)

    "This camp even sparked my interest in astronomy so much, that I am even considering it as a career along with dermatology."
    (Beginning Teen Camper 2005; later attended two Advanced Camps; became a staff member; and received her PhD in astronomy from Caltech)

    “I have never seen math and science used together.”
    (Honor’s student – middle school) - Camper

    "I know he had a good time and learned a lot, every once in a while he'll just spout out some fact he learned, or say 'Did you know ....' "
    (parent of Beginning Teen Camper, 2005)

    "THANK YOU ... THANK YOU ... THANK YOU.. for making such a profound difference in our son's life. From the time we picked him up at O'Hare airport until we got home (four hours later) he never once stopped talking about his tales from astronomy camp. ... HE ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. In his words as we picked him up at the airport, "It was the best 'vacation' I ever had!!"
    (parent of Beginning Teen Camper, 2001)

    "He greeted his father at the airport with, 'that was the most fun I have ever done, but I am wiped out!' Patrick slept for 14 hours the first day back! He plans to reapply next year for the advanced camp and I am sure that by December we will have heard most of his stories, adventures and educational experiences he enjoyed."
    (parent of Beginning Teen Camper, 2001)

    "One of the first things I asked him when I picked him up at the airport in Chicago was, 'Did you learn a lot?' He replied, 'Not really,' but then spent the next hour and a half telling me all he had learned."
    (parent, 2003)

    "This Camp opens so many doors as you discover waht it means to explore the Universe."
    (Beginning/Advanced Teen Camper, 2007-2009)

    "I know firsthand about the positive impact the camp has had on (my son's) young life. His first year came at such an critical period of his life. ... As it turned out, Astronomy Camp was the turning point in (his) life. He made so many lifelong friends and I am so proud of his accomplishments! As a result of his positive experience at your astronomy camp, (he) set himself a goal his Sophomore year of high school and with a few adjustments along the way, achieved his goal to procure a pilot seat in the Air Force via University of Arizona’s ROTC. ... Thank you so much!"
    (parent of a Beginning & Advanced Camper, 2002-2005)