Astronomy Camp Computing Facilities
With the development of sensitive solid state light detectors and the spreading of scientific discoveries via the Internet, computers have become a mandatory tool for research astronomers.

Likewise, Astronomy Camp participants have access to the same variety of software and hardware tools. Camp faculty and counselors are well versed with the computers' capabilities. With the facilities available, Campers are able to:
    Explore the Internet using 12 Chromebook tablets for information on particular astronomical topics or area of research. Research journals now publish their contents online!
  • Campers have access to Goggle Suites educational software.
  • Take digital images (CCD and CMOS) and/or spectra of their objects.
  • Analyze their images and/or spectra via the same data reduction and analysis software used by research astronomers (Python, SAOImage DS9, IRAF, IDL, etc.) as well as popular packages such as MaximDL, AstroImageJ, ...
  • Store their data on Google Drive. Campers can then continue to investigate their images and spectra at home after Camp has ended.
  • ...and more!
In addition to the computer systems resident at the specific telescopes, Campers can also use six different laptops equipped to analyze astronomical data, such as ASUS ZenBooks running both Windows 10/11 and Linux operating systems.