Teen Campers Measure the Hubble Constant
Using the 2048x2048 CCD at the Kuiper 61-inch telescope, teen campers measured the expansion rate of the Universe, i.e., the Hubble Constant, during the June 1996 Advanced Teen Astronomy Camp.

A research team, led by Elizabeth Waterhouse, obtained CCD images of the brightest elliptical galaxies in galaxy clusters. By measuring the apparent diameters and brightnesses of these galaxies, the team derived a Hubble Constant of 61.5 km/s/Mpc.

In Spring 1997, Elizabeth Waterhouse won second place in the National Young Astronomer Award sponsored by the Astronomical League. Her project was entitled "Determination of the Hubble Constant Through Magnitude Analysis of Elliptical Galaxies." You can read the abstract and first page of her research paper.