Former Teen Campers at Other Colleges and Universities
Brad Barlow: Received his PhD in Astrophysics from the University of North Carolina in 2011, for work on "Time Domain Studies of Hot Subdwarf Stars." He has accepted a Postdoctoral appointment at Penn State.

Marty Barrett: will be graduating from Illinois State University with a degree in Computer Science and will most likely be working for a Japanese pharmaceutical company (Fujisawa Healthcare, Inc.) He has won numerous programming tournaments at school as well as some honorable placements at other schools around the nation.

Sarah Basnett (Mains): A senior at Texas A&M majoring in education. She expects to teach middle school science after graduating this December.

Becky Bertsch: Graduated in physics from Colorado College in 2007 with a B.A. in Physics. She wen to graduate school at Texas A & M University and received her M.S. in Aerospace Engineering in 2010. Her thesis focused on linear turbulence models. She is currently in her third year of PhD candidacy in the same department.

Jennifer Brussow: A sophomore at the University of Kansas studying English and German.

Laura Boon: Studied abroad in Auckland, New Zealand last spring and will graduate in physics in May 2009, from Case Western Reserve University. She plans to attend graduate school in particle physics.

Ellen Brown: A freshman biology major at Purdue.

Nora (Byars) Phillips: Is in her second year of a doctoral program of Human Development and Family Studies at Texas Tech University. She is researching cultural differences in child-rearing behaviors. Earlier Nora received her M. Ed. degree.

Isaac Campbell: A junior at Roanoke College majoring in biology. The winner of the 2002 Horkheimer award from the Astronomical League for service to astronomy. In addition to his freshman studies in Virginia, Isaac is also an Animal Curator at the Science Museum of Western Virginia.

Anna Carter: Is a sophomore physics major, space science and engineering minor at Johns Hopkins University. Also, she is doing research with Christine Chen at Space Telescope Science Institute.

AJ Carver: Currently working as an economist for a real estate information company. He's also started working as a lab assistant for a Columbia University physics group that is studying mosquitos. The group hopes to build a light wall through which the mosquitos will not pass. AJ received his Masters Degree in Quantitative Economics from the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (2009). A 2006 graduate from University of Wisconsin-Madison, majored in astronomy and physics.

Yvette Cendes: Is a PhD astronomy student at the University of Amsterdam. She just submitted a research paper about her work with LOFAR and, in the best tradition, had to supply cakes for the Institute! In her spare time she writes - Astronomy, Sky and Telescope, Astrobites, and waiting for the first piece in Discover soon! Finished her Master's degree in Physics at Case Western Reserve University. She graduated in Jan. 2009 from Case Western Reserve University with a physics degree and history minor. As an undergraduate she did an REU research experience at the SETI Institute.

Annie Cherkaev: A freshman year at the University of Utah (2010), hoping to pursue a double-major in studio art, and physics, with a minor in astronomy.

Amber Chesborough: Received her MBA and MSME (Mechanical Engineering), MIT. She was an LFM Fellow (Leaders for Manufacturing) at MIT. A 1999 graduate of University of Florida in Materials Science & Engineering.

Bob Cordwell: Currently a PhD student in mathematics at Texas Christian University. He graduated from the University of New Mexico with a major in mathematics. Won fourth place in the 2005 Intel Science Talent Search competition.

Vicki Crosson: A senior at MIT, studying physics

Anna Czoksi: Earned a BFA in Digital Media and Experimental Arts and a BS in Individualized Studies of Scientific Animation from the University of Washington in Seattle. Currently, she is working at a serious games company doing 3D art and graphic design. Her art strives to weave together modern and social dance, real-time graphics, scientific phenomenon and embedded systems to visually articulate the unseen. Anna won the 2004 Horkheimer Award from the Astronomical League.

Greyson Daugherty: A sophomore at Vanderbilt studying physics, math, and Russian. Spent the past summer working at Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Katherine Davis: Was admitted into the prestigious Texas Academy of Math and Science.

Patrice Davison: Is a sophomore at Arizona State University studying Global Studies.

Rebecca Dell: Currently working on her PhD in Physical Oceanography at MIT. She graduated in Physics/ Astronomy from Harvard in 2005.

Jason Dittmann: Now a graduate student in astronomy at Harvard. He graduated from The University of Arizona in 2010 with a degree in Physics and Astronomy. He attended the 2005 International Astronomy Youth Camp in Slovakia.

Ewan Douglas: A graduate student in Astronomy at Boston University. Graduated from Tufts with a major in physics. He worked at the gravity wave observatory (LIGO).

Nathan Eck: Graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2008 with a B.S. in Geology. He received an M.Sc. degree in Geology at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas in 2010 focusing on Carlin-type gold deposits and is currently working as an exploration geologist looking for gold deposits in northern Nevada.

David Eisler: Graduated from Cornell University. He is a commissioned officer for the US Army, did a tour in Iraq earlier this year but currently stationed in Germany. At Cornell he did research in plasma astrophysics. He is also an excellent instrumental guitarist.

Ethan Engle: A junior astronomy major at Case Western Reserve, helping out with the SEGUE project (Sloan Extension for Galactic Understanding and Exploration), and involved in the cycling club.

Dan Estes: Graduated from the US Naval Academy in Electrical Engineering.

Jill Fadal: A medical student at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. Earned her MBA in August, 2011. She was appointed to the Texas Board of Regents by Gov. Rick Perry for the 2011-2012 student term. Jill graduated from Texas Tech University (2009) studying medical science.

Stevi Fawcett: Received her Masters degrees in astronomy from the University of Wyoming in 2007. Now teaches at McKendree University. Graduated from the University of Colorado (Boulder) majoring in physics in 2005. One year after the Advanced Astronomy Camp, Stevi was awarded third place in the National Young Astronomer Award.

Caroline Feinberg: Graduated from Stanford majoring in Geophysics (2008).

Austin Federa: Leads theatre tech at his high school, designing lighting for shows and theatrical productions.

Ariel Fisher: Received her Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from the UofA (2010). Graduated from Wellesley College in 2005.

Anne (Foster) Bachmann : Works in the field of health care law in Ohio. She received her Juris Doctor degree in 2009. Graduated from the University of Virginia. An amazing singer, she participated in a very selective women's chorale group at UVA.

Becky Fox*: Is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Transylvania University in Lexington, KY. Received her PhD in Animal Behavior from UC Davis in May 2007. She completed postdoctoral research in ornithology at Univ. Nevada - Reno. Received her M.S. (2002) in Avian Studies at UC Davis with research relating to the behavioral development in parrot chicks. Graduated in 2000 summa cum laude from Arizona State University in 2000, majoring in biology. Did an honor's thesis on Comet Hyakutake.

Lucille Frey: Graduated May 2008 from Case Western Reserve University with an astronomy degree. Currently working at Los Alamos and applying to graduate school.

Zach Garrett: Founded Garrett Optical, a major seller of astronomy binoculars: Graduated from Oral Roberts in Tulsa.

Scott Gottilla: Now works in the Computer Support Group at Steward Observatory. Formerly owned a computer service company specializing in networking, web design, and custom applications in Windows and Linux. He lives in Tucson.

Susana Hancock: A sophomore at Connecticut College. In 2003, she won the Gold Medal in astrophysics in the Science Olympiad. Received a $3500 grant from the Maine's NASA Space Grant Consortium to study asteroid rotational light-curves. She is also very active in science education: speaking, newspapers, planetaria, and radio!

Rochelle Hand: graduated as the Salutatorian of her high school and is now pursuing a bachelors degree in computer science at Saginaw Valley State University in University Center, Michigan.

Katherine Hartman: A junior at MIT majoring in Material Science and Engineering. She interned at Lucent Technologies this summer. She was a Finalist in the 2004 Intel Science Search competition.

Alexander Hecht: Attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute where he helped to restart their Astronomy Club. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering in 2006, and is currently working as a mechanical engineer for L-3 Communications Integrated Optical Systems, formerly known as SSG Precision Optronics. At L-3 he has worked on several advanced telescope systems, including weather satellites and missile detection satellites and spent almost a year as the lead mechanical engineer for the optical telescope on an upcoming astrometry satellite.

Jessica Hejnal: A librarian at the A.T. Still University. She is a graduate of the University of Missouri Library of Science Master's program and Truman State University with a Bachelor's of Science in biology.

Ben Herbert: A sophomore at Cornell majoring in physics and astronomy.

Laura Hunter: Attending Mt. Holyoke College and planning to declare a Physics major (history minor). She took an Astronomy course from former Camper and counselor Joanna Levine!

Christina Jaworsky: A senior studying materials science at MIT, class of 2011.

Becky Jensen-Clem: A junior studying physics at MIT, class of 2012.

Emily Joseph: Graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 2010 with a BS in Astronomy. She's now a Research Assistant at the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson.

Amy Jordan: A senior and astrophysics major at UC Berkeley. She has been working at UC Berkeley's Space Sciences Lab and at Lowell Observatory studying planetary science.

Ananta Karki: A civil engineering major at the University of Sydney.

Mansi Kasliwal: She is studying physics, advanced calculus, and astronomy at Bryn Mawr College. She's also interested in astrochemistry!

James Keane: A 2011 graduate of the University of Maryland with a triple major (astronomy, physics, geology). His senior theses studied the dynamics of planet migration in the early solar system and also modeled rift formation on icy satellites. He has started a PhD program at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at The University of Arizona!

Stephen Kelley: currently in his 8th term (junior year) at the Milwaukee School of Engineering(MSOE) going for Mechanical Engineering with a minor in physics. He plans on attending the flight program in the Marines after graduation, with hopes to fly a CH-53.

Patrick Kelly: Received his PhD in astronomy from Stanford and is now a postdoctoral fellow at Berkeley. His research includes several projects: Understanding Type Ia host-dependent calibration systematics, getting a better picture of core-collapse SN progenitors, and calibrating X-ray cluster mass observables with Subaru weak lensing mass reconstructions. Patrick graduated from Harvard in 2005 in Physics and Astronomy. His thesis concerned the progenitors of supernovae and their connection to Gamma Ray Bursts using the Sloan Digital Sky Survey data. He was a Finalist in the Intel Science Talent Search.

Lindsey Kennard: A junior at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Albany, New York, pursuing a double major in Physics and Computer Science.

Daniel Krecklow: A sophomore at Wake Forest University majoring in Business Administration. This year he is serving as a Resident Technical Advisor in a freshmen dormitory. The college provides all students with laptops and has a staff of RTAs to provide technical expertise with computer problems.

Michael Kuhn: A sophomore at Swarthmore College.

Charlie Lawton: Received his PhD (2010) at the Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado. Charlie graduated from the University of Denver in May 2005 with a degree in ecology. He was the astrobiology content specialist at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Patrick Leslie: Now working at the Cape Eleuthera Island School and Institute in the area of wind and solar power. He soon plans to enroll in business school and pursue an MBA. Formerly on the Faculty of the Phillips Exeter Academy with the position of Environmental Education Fellow.

Dr. Joanna Levine: Now teaching astronomy at Mt. Holyoke. Also a yoga instructor. Received her PhD in Astronomy from the University of Florida in 2006. Graduated in Physics & Astronomy at Univ. of Massachusetts.

Chris Limbach: Is currently pursuing his doctorate in Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University. His research focuses on advanced air-breathing propulsion (ramjets, scramjets) and applications of plasma devices to supersonic vehicle aerodynamics. The goal of this work is making space access orders of magnitude more affordable so that one day astronomers won't have to choose between a planet imaging mission, Mars sample return or a Europa lander because of launch costs!

Jackie Linevsky: Is a freshman at the University of Florida, working towards a double major in astronomy and physics. She works on a satellite research project with Dr. Charles Telesco in the Astronomy Department. She completed two paid summer internships at NASA working on the Swift Satellite with Dr. Michael Siegel at Penn State University.

Melody Lindsay: A sophomore at Princeton University studying chemical engineering. She was fortunate to be part of a team studying the effects of global warming on the growth of coral polyps at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science this past semester. She will be participating in a summer REU program with the astrobiology group at the University of Hawaii Institute of Astronomy, studying ground- and space-based low resolution infrared spectra that will hopefully lead to determining the composition of the first generation ice mantles in molecular clouds.

Dan Lisak: Received his BA from Lewis University (2010) and now serves in the US Air Force.

Vivian Liu: Graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2003 with a BS in Mathematics. She now works for an insurance company as a bodily injury claims adjuster.

Teresa (Longazo) Jiles: She is an Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator at the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmopshere at Colorado State University. Married Martin in December 2004. in Graduated from ASU May 2000 with a B.S. in Geology (emphasis in planetary geology). She interned with Lunar and Planetary Institute working with microbial weathering. Worked as the Martian Meteorite Data Coordinator for the Johnson Space Center Astrobiology Group, which is part of a group at NASA called ARES.

Mark Macias: Graduated from San Diego State University.

James Mackey: Graduated from Northwestern College in Theater and continues his strong interests in amateur astronomy.

Sebastian Magraner: is a Junior at the University of Houston, majoring in History and Public Relations. He is also pursuing a Marine Option in the Naval ROTC.

Sarayu Mangipudi: Attends University of New Hampshire. She is a sophomore pursing Biology with the intent of going to medical school.

Vikas Mangipudi: Graduated in 2011, from Boston University with degrees in Statistics and Sociology. He was the founding member of his high school astronomy club, learned to operate the planetarium, and helped commission a mobile radio telescope from Haystack Observatory.

Breanna Marmur: Is a sophomore at Grinnell College located in Iowa. She is double majoring in physics and mathematics.

Chris Martin: Received his PhD in Chemical Engineering at Princeton University. Has completed several triathlons. A 1998 graduate of MIT in Chemical Engineering. He obtained his Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering at MIT.

Zoey Martin-Lockhart: Is attending Pitzer College. In summer 2011, she volunteered at the Bryce Canyon Astronomy festival and almost crashed her bike while pointing out constellations to a friend while riding.

Jeremy Mathews: Attending Weber State University majoring in physics and chemistry.

Lindsay Renick Mayer: A graduate student in journalism at Northwestern. Graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. She spent a summer working for NASA in the Office of Public Affairs in Maryland and has written fact sheets and press releases about several NASA projects and scientists. Her first article in Astronomy magazine was published in August 2001. Named Wisconsin's Journalist of the Year!!

Asliegh McCord: Graduated in 2008 from Bard College with a degree in Film and Electronic Arts and Anthropology. After graduation, she moved to Massachusetts to serve a year with AmeriCorps Cape Cod. The program provides natural resource management, environmental education, disaster preparedness and response, and volunteer engagement services to all 15 towns of Barnstable County. Now on Program Staff, she currently lives with and supervises 13 young people giving their own year of service to the Cape, and has learned a lot about conservation, ecology, home repair, and even chainsaw maintenance! She plans to continue education and employment in marine and environmental conservation and policy.

David McCarthy: An accountant at KPMG in Amsterdam and, before that, in Dubai. Received his MBA in accounting in May 2005 from The University of Arizona. Graduated in 2001 from Wheaton College majoring in Biblical archaeology. Completed his Masters Degree at Wheaton in 2002.

Debbie (McCarthy) Fields: Received her PhD in Education from UCLA (2010) and is now a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. She researches ways to teach young people computational thinking through creative programming and electronic projects. Graduated in 1998 from Wheaton College in Christian Education and Bible. Obtained her Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction in the Education Dept. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her Ph.D. in Education from UCLA in 2010. Married Jason Fields in August 2004.

Nicole Miklus: Graduated from Kent State University in 2004 with a B.S. in Geology, Minor in Climatology. Studied paleoclimatology at Syracuse University, and earned an MS in Geology in 2008. Worked as a hydrologist with the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and then as a science writer for a contractor of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Currently working as a web/technical writer for a consulting firm in MD that specializes in the energy field.

Franco Michel-Sendis: Now studying Theoretical Physics at the University of Paris. He will graduate in 2002 and is planning to pursue a career in astronomy.

Mary Milewski: Graduated from high school in 2007. She has been admitted into the Doctor of Pharmacy program at the University of Mississippi.

Kurtz Miller: Now working at the University of Dayton teaching STEM and teacher education. Graduated in 2000 from Denison University in geology and education. In 2001, received his Masters in Science Teaching at the Wright State University Department of Physics. Received his Masters degree in geology in November 2004. In 2008, he completed a third masters degree: a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership through Wright State University. He teaches earth science and applied physics at the Miami Valley Career Technology Center in Clayton, Ohio.

Elan Mitchell: Is living in Washington, DC, while pursuing her PhD in Political Science from Howard University and working at the Dept. of Commerce. She received her Master's degree in International Relations in 2011. Graduated from Spelman College with a degree in an international studies and a minor in environmental studies. In Geneva, Switzerland she participated in the 2007 World Model United Nations Conference. In the fall of 2007, she will be studying abroad in Argentina for a semester. This summer I will most likely be working in a congressional office hopefully, focusing on scientific issues. In the summer of 2004, Elan was a NASA SHARP- Summer High School Research Apprentice at Georgia Institute of Technology in Aerospace Engineering researching Wind Turbine Technology.) Her research about globular clusters won numerous awards and she was a Finalist in the International Science and Engineering Fair in 2004.

Max Moe: A graduate student in astronomy at Harvard. Graduated from the University of Colorado in 2009. Won First-Place in the National Young Astronomer Award in 2003.

Ben Mohlie: Currently working for a defense contractor in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was a physics major at RPI and spent one summer doing an REU at UCLA, where he worked with Spitzer data.

Ryan Moore: Attending University of Missouri-Rolla majoring in astronomy.

Tim Mosca: Has started his third year as a Research fellow in biology at Stanford University. Tim received his PhD in Neurobiology from Harvard in 2009. Graduated from Yale in 2003 with both B.S. and M.S. degrees in Molecular and Cellular Biology.

John Moustakas: An Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy at Siena College, NY. Received his PhD in astronomy in 2006 from The University of Arizona. Was a Postdoctoral Scholar at UC-San Diego. A 2000 graduate from Berkeley.

Dan Murphy: Is a program officer at the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations. After Astronomy Camp, he studied Chinese at Connecticut College, eventually lived in China for two years, and earned his MA in Chinese Studies at Univ. Massachusetts as well as a Graduate Certificate in Chinese Studies from Johns Hopkins University - Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies Partially inspired by his time at Astronomy Camp, Dan's programming at the National Committee focuses on environmental protection. In September 2010, he married Abby Youngblood, whom he met at Astronomy Camp. His idea of a perfect night sky is still the one he saw through a telescope and while lying on his back on top of Mt. Bigelow in 1997.

Corey Myers: Graduated from LSU in spring semester 2014 with a Masters Degree in Physics plus concentration in Astronomy and second minor in Math. Currently applying to Graduate School. Graduated in 2010 from St. Thomas More High School, in Lafayette, LA.

Kerry Neal: A junior physics major at Oberlin College. Last January she did research at Arecibo with her advisor. In January 2005, she has an REU research experience at Arecibo.

Joshua Neubert: A sophomore at MIT studying astronomy. He is President of the MIT Mars Society. After leaving Astronomy Camps, Josh placed highly in the National Young Astronomer Award competitions in 1998 and 1999.

Kristina Nyland: Studied galaxy clusters using Chandra data at the University of Michigan and graduated in 2007 with two B.S. degrees in Astronomy and Physics along with a minor in Italian language. She is currently a PhD student at New Mexico Tech where she studies the interplay between AGN feedback and star-formation in early-type galaxies using the EVLA. She has also done optical engineering work for the Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer (currently under construction) where she develops alignment algorithms and simulates the performance of the beam combiners.

Ben Oppenheimer: A Postdoctoral Scientist at Leiden Observatory. Received his PhD in astronomy from Steward Observatory in 2008. He has been researching star formation regions and brown dwarfs.

Nick Pattengale: In Sept. '06, he starts a PhD program in Bioinformatics at UC San Diego. Now working at Sandia National Labs but has also worked at Los Alamos National Labs and JPL. Graduated from New Mexico Inst. of Mining and Technology (2001) in Computer Science and now has a Masters degree from University of New Mexico. He continues his interest in astronomy by checking out the night skies from New Mexico with a 10-inch Dobsonian telescope which he built from scratch.

Josh Polacheck: Works for the State Department in the Dominican Republic leading activities in cultural education.

Blair Porterfield: Is research and instrument analyst at the Space Telescope Science Institute, working on Hubble's Advanced Camera for Surveys. She graduated from Penn State University in 2013 with a degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics. She was elected President of the Penn State chapter of the Society of Physics Students. She has worked as a researcher for the NASA Swift mission for about 4.5 years through Penn State.

Molly Potter: Graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach with a BS in Engineering-Physics in 2007. She joined the Air Force as developmental engineering officer and is now a munitions test engineer at Eglin Air Force base.

Teresa Prince: a junior at the University of Nebraska majoring in journalism. She has a job as a photographer for the campus newspaper, the Daily Nebraskan, and was a photo intern for the Lincoln Journal Star.

JoHanna Przybylowski: A sophomore at MIT studying aersoapce and engineering and minoring in astronomy. She is the President of the MIT Society of Physics Students (SEDS). In 2001, she won third place in the National Young Astronomer Award, the AIAA Greater Philadelphia chapter Paul Gorsuch Memorial Scholarship and was selected as an alternate to the international science fair.

Ezra Rapoport: Graduated from Harvard in electrical engineering. He was part of a team that took first place in the 2005 Harvard Entrepreneurial Contest. He was a Finalist in the 2002 Intel Science Search based on his research into a novel speech compression project.

Sarah Rapoport: Graduated in 2011 from Brown University. Brown, She completed her senior thesis on the pathways of emergence of infectious diseases. She was one of the 2006 USA Today's 20 memorable high school students and was a Finalist in the 2006 Intel Science Search.

Paul Readly: Assistant Flower Breeder at American Takii, Inc. seed company in Salinas, CA. Graduated from Penn State University in 2003 with a degree in horticulture.

Jessica Reynolds: Has probably graduated in physics from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. This summer she used the Wisconsin H-alpha Mapper telescope to study the interstellar medium and high-velocity clouds.

Lauren Rich: Is in an optics PhD program at Univ. of Central Florida. Graduated December 2008 from UMR-Rolla in physics.

Henry Roe: He is a tenure-track astronomer at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. His research involves weather on Saturn's large moon (Titan) and exploring objects in the Kuiper Belt. He was the O.K. Earl Postdoctoral Scholar in Planetary Science at Caltech. Received his PhD in astronomy from UC Berkeley around 2003. Graduated in Chemistry/Astronomy from Williams College.

Jason Rudd: Received a M.Sc. in Neurolinguistics in 2006 from the Universities of Potsdam (Germany) and Groningen (The Netherlands), and will begin a Ph.D. in 2008 in language revitalization and revival of the Salish language Lushootseed at whichever university accepts him. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington.

Mike Safford: Now working in San Francisco with a software company.

James Schottelkotte: A second-year student at Penn State majoring in astronomy and astrophysics. He is currently the Vice-President of the Astronomy Club.

Samantha Scibelli: Won the Astrobiology Short-Story Contest sponsored by the New York Center for Astrobiology. Her entry, A Cyclic Secret, is a compelling, page-turning tale of an event on a distant moon. She also received the Grand Prize Award of 1st Place Honorable Mention, the $40,000 RPI scholarship and the Yale Science and Engineering Award for her project Census of Blue Stars in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS).

Betsy Schroeder: A sophomore at Whitman College studying psychology and biology.

Eli Sidman: A senior at Bowdoin College in Maine, majoring in physics. His senior research honors project involves galaxy clusters. Last summer the Maine Space Grant Consortium funded his internship at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center working on the upcoming GLAST space telescope. After graduation he will probably attend art school, and possibly physics/astronomy grad school somewhere down the line.

Rob Simcoe: Assistant Professor of Physics at MIT. Received his PhD in astronomy from Caltech in Spring 2003. Graduated in Physics from Princeton University.

Sarah Sinks: Working on her Masters Degree in teaching at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in Finland. Minnesota.

Katrina Smart: A freshman at UCLA.

Elise Stefanik: Graduated from Harvard University majoring in Political Science. She was a student leader in the Institute of Politics at the JFK School of Government.

Rick St. Clair: Served eight years active duty in the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program and is enrolled at The University of Arizona seeking an undergraduate degree in Physics and Astronomy. He graduated from the US Navy's Nuclear Power School and Nuclear Prototype submarine training and served as a instructor at the Prototype school. He is married and has two children.

John Synder: Currently a sophomore at Wesleyan University and likely majoring in Science in Society, a multi-disciplinary program. He works at their observatory's campus telescopes (16,20,24") one night a week, taking images for faculty and student research.

Vera te Velde: A junior at MIT. She was a Finalist in the 2003 Intel Science Search.

Amy Tempkin: Received her MD degree at the UofA in 2001. Graduated from Brandeis University.

Kate Theisen: A junior physics major at New Mexico Tech. She spent the summer working as a SURF student at the California Institute of Technology. She has also worked with Dr. Mike Brown at CalTech monitoring clouds on Triton when the discovery of the tenth planet was announced. Won a trip to Washington, DC from the Citizens for Space Exploration to talk with Congress about the importance of space exploration.

Nancy Thomas: Is pursuing a PhD in Planetary Science at Caltech. In 2013, she graduated with honors from the University of Washington with a double major in Physics and Astronomy and minors in Math and Geology. She is working on data from the Mars Curiosity Rover!

Katie Tingle: Is currently attending Wellesley College and is planning to study child psychology She is involved in the Guild of Carillonneurs, Wellesley College Government, volunteering with two after-school programs, and an Afro-Haitian folkloric dance and drum group called Yanvalou.
Aaron VanWieren: Now working as a contract archaeologist in Louisiana.

Sean Wahl: Is pursuing his PhD in Geophysics and Planetary Science at Berkeley. He graduated with a double major in Earth and Planetary Science and Physics from MIT in 2011. Sean was an Finalist in the 2007 Intel Science Talent Search for his research on the evolution of plate tectonic systems at Cal Tech with geophysicist and planetary geologist DJ Stevenson

Brian Walsh: A sophomore at The College of William and Mary. He has been helping with public observing sessions at the observatory.

Michelle Walter: A junior at the University of Minnesota majoring in astrophysics.

Elizabeth Waterhouse: Graduated in 2002 from Harvard. After graduating at the Harvard University with a BA in physics she finished her dance studies at the Ohio State University with an MFA. After that she danced with the Marcus Schulkind Dance Company in Boston (2001). Since 2004 she has lived and worked in Frankfurt. She was a guest dancer with the Frankfurt Ballett and since 2005 a founding member of The Forsythe Company. She received her Masters in Fine Arts at Ohio State University. Her premier article "The Children of the Blue Marble" was published in Mercury magazine (1997, vol. 26, 10-15). She received second place in the National Young Astronomer Award for research on the Hubble Constant begun at the 1996 Advanced Astronomy Camp.

Leanne Wilson: Studies astronomy and communication disorders at Case Western Reserve University.

Shelley Witte: Now working as an astronomy educator at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington. She majored in Secondary Earth Science Education with an emphasis in geology at the UNiversity of Wisconsin - Madison. She is an avid sports fan (football, basketball, and hockey) and is especially enthusiastic about Minnesota Twins baseball!

Leanne Wilson: A sophomore at Case Western Reserve University majoring in astronomy and minoring in physics. She plans to teach high school.

Gina Wolf: Studying Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University and participating in the Cooperative Education Program. Also working for ATA Airlines as a Reliability Engineer. She has black-belt status in Taekwondo.

Fan Wu: A junior at University of Wisconsin majoring in biomedical engineering.

Kristina Yancey: Graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering (2010) and spent the past year in Switzerland on a Fulbright Fellowship working at the Paul Scherrer Institut. She is now working on her Masters degree in nuclear engineering at Texas A&M.

Abby Youngblood: Is passionate about all things related to food (growing, distributing, environment, health, governmental policy). She lives in Brooklyn, NY and works for the NYC non-profit Just Food. She graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 2001 with a physics degree after learning about Bryn Mawr College's physics program from astronomy camp counselor Salley Oey. On September 4, 2011 Abby married Daniel Murphy after a long friendship and romance that began back in Astronomy Camp! She was a semi-finalist in the 1997 Westinghouse science competition.

Michael Zhao: Is currently studying business and cognitive science, with a focus on management and decision theory, at the University of California at Berkeley. He continues to take interest-based elective astronomy classes and organized a stargazing group in rural China when I was teaching there in summer 2010.

* Flinn Scholar

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